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"Problem solving for me as a parent is one of my biggest fears, of them losing that. The first reaction is to call home if something goes wrong, but through the activities they will realise they can sort it out for themselves, come up with solutions for problems." Beatriz N, parent

“In a world where children are increasingly measured on a narrow set of exam results, this is a book to help parents develop the skills youngsters really need in life, like resilience, resourcefulness and perseverance. Full of practi­cal, interesting ideas, this is the essential tool kit to enable you to bring out the real potential in your child.” Tanith Carey, Author of Taming the Tiger Parent – How to put your child’s wellbeing first in a competitive world

“Children don’t come with a manual so the best wayI have of supporting parents is to give them a toolbox and allow them to choose the right tools at the right time. For me, the way The Can-Do Child is being delivered provides parents with some reallycool tools for their toolbox.” Dr Amanda Gummer, UK’s leading expert on play,play development, and child development

"I have 3 children and am also a teacher of children with severe learning difficulties. I use these ideas with my own children as well as introducing them into my classroom practice, to support my students with problem solving and creative thinking. This is a practical guide, showing parents and carers how to easily (and cheaply) they can enjoy their time with their child, and equip them with flexible thinking skills and can-do characteristics, which will support them to become successful adults in the modern world." Cathy Bradshaw, Mum of 3 and teacher

"It has given me ideas for how to lead their play in a way that stimulates their creative thinking and problem solving ability. I certainly feel like it is helping them develop into confident, independent children." M Davidson, Dad to 9 year old and 5 year old

"This is a fantastic resource of inspiration and support to parents and teachers wanting to help children make the best of their natural talents and abilities." Danielle Ellis, primary school teacher

“The activities are very, very special to us as a family. They bring us together and make us actually appreciate and respect and understand each other when we’re trying to solve a problem or helping each other out on a path.” Caroline H, parent

"I like the range of activities and how all of them are so fun." Ella age 9


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